Theory is not enough. Practise!

I can write a lot in my blog about photography but this is not enough. Becoming a professional photographer requires time and practices! Those photographers out there didn’t become a pro overnight. They do lots and lots of photography practise until they mastered it. This is the same for you and me. There are always 2 steps in photography, the Shoot and Post-Processing.

Focus and Shoot

This first step of course, we have to take a photo of something, landscape or portrait etc. Doing this is easy, everyone can just point and shoot but you still need the correct exposure and angles to get the perfect shot. Remember! Always shoot in RAW format if you want to do edits later on and that is the second step, Post-Processing.

Every photo definitely have the second step, Post-Processing

Looking at the photo above and credits to, definitely it has post-processing done on it. As I did my research on photography for many years and I found out that every nice looking photos have post-processing completed on them. Somehow I was feeling cheated but this is what makes photographers professional. How do I know? I live in Singapore and followed some photographers, saw some of their shots, and some are kind to share the settings they have to take the shot. I went to the same place, find the same angle, copy their settings and take the shot. “What? Why is it so different?” There are many factors linking to the difference. It can be camera model and lenses, and sadly mine is the cheapest with kit lens. But some process can make the photo the same.


Yes this is it. What is Post-Processing? It means editing the photo to the outcome you want, either by Photoshop or Lightroom. This is just so simple. You can even add some elements or objects to make your photo more natural. (Just like adding sun rays or mist using Photoshop to enhance the feel). So beginners out there, don’t be fooled by the photos, just keep practising and you will perfect the shots. An example below with my own photos.

Before. Shot was taken without any editing done.

After. Cropped myself out from the original photo and created a new layer. Apply the Radial blur effect on the first layer. I don’t mind sharing because there is nothing to hide.

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