June is coming. Time flies!

Half of the Year 2020, people are living in fear due to COVID’19 and we are stuck in this pandemic which root cause is still unknown and very blurry. What to do? Or what we can do? Many things! It is the time to focus on self improvements and focus on your photography skills, many of us are working from home, thus there are many things we can do at home.

Don’t worry if you do not have a professional camera, a smartphone will do to take decent photos. Just like the photo below. I took these photos with Apple iPhone 11 (The cheaper model which is much worth it). Not that bad right?

Time to blog with a little inspiration flame. This is just a point and shoot photo.

As May 2020 is going to end soon and we are going to start June soon, I want to introduce you to my younger brother’s blog, that give me the inspiration and the urge to start a blog and a website of my own, so do visit his website at He is a very motivated person and definitely encourages you in some ways to start your own journey. I always tell myself that I have to be humble as the elders, sometimes are not always wisest than the young ones. We have to accept that one day, they will surpass you. Right? Of course, we have to look out for each other as this is what Family are for.

So to end this post, do remember to grab any opportunities ahead of you and don’t mind the efforts and hard work you have to pay. Just strive for it!

By Graphite, one of my favourite apps

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.

Martha Graham

Have a great June ahead!

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