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Trying 3D Instagram photo frame effect

It is another week of working from home and that never stops me from learning. Most importantly, in life, you have to self-discipline yourself to learn and explore the unknowns. You cannot rely on people most of the time to learn and explore, however you can take the professionals as a reference to your learning journey. Initiative is also a crucial part of your learning journey, and to succeed. So here I am, trying out the 3D Instagram photo frame effect and learnt from Youtube.

Youtube is a good platform for learning and thanks to all the Youtubers out there.

And that is my younger brother, visit his blog at

Photography requires practice and more practices, so never stop practising.

Here is a shot taken at the rooftop garden. You may use it to do the background for Instagram 3D Photo frame effect.

Did some editing with Adobe Lightroom – An awesome app on mobile phone

So remember, whatever is within your reach, do it yourself first. You will learn much more this way as 1st hand information is always better than 2nd hand information. It is time for me to move on and see you again here!

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