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Trying out Levitation Photo

It is not easy to shoot this photo alone but Photoshop make it happen. Editing is required for this type of photos, and you will love the effect or you can take something like this, a first person view.

This photo is download from A very good website for free photos.

So if you want to have yourself in the photo, then you will need another person’s help or you can do editing after getting the shots required. I did it alone and required many shots to get the desired effect I want. So there is no perfect shot for photography, you just have to keep shooting.

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How to shoot or create a levitation photo

So here is a guide on how to do the simple levitation photo alone.

  • You will need 1 camera and 1 prop, be it your smartphone or DLSR. Any devices with camera can do this.
  • Tie a string to the prop you going to make it levitate. Tiny string is the best option.
  • Take the first shot of the Levitating phone on the same background. – 1st Shot
  • Sit in front of the camera, position your hand towards the lens and make sure it is focus on your hand instead of your face. – 2nd Shot. The wider aperture the better so that the background can be blurred.
  • Launch Photoshop and open the first photo and using the Quick selection tool, select the prop only and create a layer mask. Do the necessary touch ups so that the image looks perfect.
  • Then go to ‘File’ and ‘ Place Embedded’ and select the 2nd photo.
  • From here, do the necessary adjustments and get the desired effect you want. It is as simple as this.

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