Project: Flowers and Plants

Hello again! As Singapore is still in Phases of “Circuit Breaker”, there is nowhere I can go, and nothing much to do about Photography. The only place nearest to me is the Rooftop garden of my estate. Most of the high rise estates comes with a rooftop garden located at the top level of the multi-storey carpark. There is nothing much there except for flowers and plants.

So do follow me on my Instagram account and you will be seeing those photos I shot yesterday. All these photos are shot with Apple iPhone 11, the basic model of iPhone 11 series. Mobile phones these days are comparable to basic models of Camera, so it will be good enough. Some models of mobile phones have Pro mode for you to manually adjust ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. iPhone proprietary camera does not have this.

Here are the Photos before and after

Please pardon me as I am learning and mastering Adobe Lightroom just like you, and requires more practise. Do follow my blog and Instagram account to support me. Do give your comments below on how can I improve. I will try using my Olympus camera and take a shot of these plants again.

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