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Wonderful Lightroom Presets for $29

Hello! After searching on to learn about how to create new wonderful presets and I came across this website selling a bundle of Lightroom presets compatible with Lightroom versions 4, 5, 6, CC, and Classic CC. It can work on MAC and PC. The bundle is by ExposureEmpire.

Beginners like me out there, this will be a great start to try out different edits for your photos. This is what I do, learn the settings from the Presets and create my own.

It is a Limited Time Offer at $29 and why not give it a try.

This bundle includes a total of 546 presets in 21 different packs.

  • 21 different packs of presets are included in the bundle.
  • 546 presets to choose from.
  • You’ll have a huge variety of effects and styles for your photos.
  • Apply effects instantly with one click.
  • Optionally, use the presets as a starting point and tweak the settings according to your preferences.
  • Professionally created and tested on hundreds of sample photos.

And it is just $29!

It is by ExposureEmpire, and if you wish to purchase this Lightroom Presets Bundle, click on the below link.

Purchasing the bundle will give you these presets. Total 21 different packs of presets, giving you 546 presets to choose from.

In order to prove that the bundle is not a scam, I have purchased it myself and it is wonderful. So many presets!

21 Packs of Lightroom Presets
1 Pack have so many Presets for you to choose!

So just for $29, why not right? Visit ExposureEmpire here.

Here are some photos which is applied using the Presets bought from ExposureEmpire and some photos recently uploaded to my Instagram, @vsphotoshots.

Autumn Presets
Black and White Presets
Faded Lightroom Presets

With the presets, your photos will look even more mesmerising. So just for $29, and you can get all these presets packs.

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