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What lenses to buy and best for photography?

Recently, there are many recommended Youtube videos about what lenses are best for photography showing up on my Youtube account and I watched some of the videos and I thought about it. Maybe I can share my experience on which camera and lenses to buy. This happens to me when I am planning to buy a new camera and not sure which lenses should I buy for the first time as a beginner. So this post is part of my learning and also to help you to have a clearer picture on which lenses you should buy.

When I got my first camera, Nikon D5100 from an IT Show, oh yes, IT show is my favourite because there are many freebies to be given away if you purchase stuffs such as cameras. So I got a very good deal for Nikon camera.

  • Nikon D5100 Body
  • Nikkor Kit Lens – 18-55mm
  • Nikkor Kit Lens – 55-200mm
  • A portable camera humidifier box
  • A Nikon tripod

These are good enough for a beginner like me to start photography. Without knowing much knowledge about cameras and lenses at that point of time, I just cared about how to start my photography journey. I don’t do research much and that is a bad thing. Because kit lenses are not as awesome as prime or pro level lenses. If you want to start small, of course you can have the kit lens that comes with the body, try out the camera, get the hand out of it and be ready to buy a good lens. Definitely you can do this. Lenses are worth more than the camera body. So if you are not an enthusiast in photography, you can get a used camera body and invest in great lenses as it is very expensive and costly.

My second camera

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III is the second camera I bought after having my Nikon DSLR for 10 years. It is time for an upgrade and because I am not an enthusiast in Photography until recently, I bought the E-M10 model for casual shooting. I read reviews, watched youtube videos and E-M10 photos quality is equivalent to E-M5, and getting the E-M10 at an IT Show, it is a great deal again.

  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Body + 14-42mm kit lens
  • Zuiko 40-150mm kit lens
  • Zuiko Prime lens 45mm (for free)
  • A free camera bag
  • A free portable travel tripod

I got 3 lenses now for my Olympus camera and I have a 45mm prime lens. So this is where all the fun begins. As a photographer, my recommendation is to have a normal zoom lens, 14-42mm for casual shooting, and a prime lens of a specific focal length for portraits or greater quality photos. The best option is to get a 17mm (35mm equivalent) lens for your camera. As my Olympus camera is a Micro Four Thirds system, the cropping sensor is 2X :(. It is not a Full Frame camera. Meaning if I got a 45mm lens, it will become 90mm.

This image is by Expert Photography. This is what I meant.

If you can afford a full frame camera, go for it but it will cost a bomb. So buying camera and lenses, you have to consider very carefully. I bought Olympus camera because it is small, light and not as bulky as a DSLR and realised about the differences. However, I did not spend extra dollars for the prime lens. So if you do not have a good deal, go for the kit lens first and research on your camera, and which lenses you should buy.

Recommended – 35mm Prime Lens with F1.4 – F1.8 range, this will give you great bokeh and portrait shots.

So in short, 1 zoom lens and 1 prime lens, to me it is good enough for normal photography shooting. Do check out my Instagram – vsphotoshots for the latest photos which I shoot with my 10 year old Nikon D5100 with the kit lenses. Location is at Toa Payoh Town Park.

My Gears now

Do leave your comments and recommendations below so all readers can have their plans for the photography journey. Thank you for reading!

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