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Beginner’s Photography Guide

Photographers with Manual mode follows this and get great shots. The exposure triangle.

A guide for beginners

Wonderful Lightroom Presets for $29

Hello! After searching on to learn about how to create new wonderful presets and I came across this website selling a bundle of Lightroom presets compatible with Lightroom versions […]

Trying out Levitation Photo

It is not easy to shoot this photo alone but Photoshop make it happen. Editing is required for this type of photos, and you will love the effect or you […]

Trying 3D Instagram photo frame effect

It is another week of working from home and that never stops me from learning. Most importantly, in life, you have to self-discipline yourself to learn and explore the unknowns. […]

Digital Photo Manual – What is RAW?

When I started photography in secondary school, my seniors told me to take photos in RAW and I was like, “What is RAW?”. And they keep repeating in RAW format, […]

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